Thursday, January 29, 2009

Bring on the RED

I am a part of an ATC (Artist trading card) exchange with the Creativemom podcast. We just got our assignment for February:RED. I wanted to get started right away as to not be late! So I began with sketching out some ideas-first the obvious:apples, cherries, lips...things that are red. Then once that was out of the way I went on to push a little more. Most vividly though I just see the color RED and all its shades. With that I began with a wash of reds on watercolor paper.I use d a flat 1" brush to wash clear water on the paper. Some of the area wet and some left dry. I applied as fluid as I could get, several of my reds off my watercolor pallet. Then when done I dripped o few spots of clear water on it. Let it dry to see the effects. I know I will be adding more. So I just have to be patient and let it dry thoroughly.I did start the drying off the dring off with a heat gun to give it a jump. You could use a hairdryer too. I can see already as it dries it is not going to be as bold as I envision.

Ok not being a patient person-I waited about 10 minutes for the paper to dry. Then with my round #10 round brush I added a little clear water not disturbing the layer already applied, washed in more color. I went as far as to take some right from the tube of my alizerin crismon to get the bolder color I am seeking.Finally dripping more clear water in. So the paper is pretty wet- gonna have to really wait now! Good thinkg I gotta go get the kids from school.

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