Sunday, March 22, 2009

A Marketing Monday

Spend most of my DAY(and into the evening) working on some Marketing on Monday As you might of seen in my earlier post, I have been invited to collaborate in a presentation with the author of a book I illustrated. So I am starting to put the word out. Though this is not an event to specifically generate money from sales of art for me or anything,I think it will be fun. I am trying my hand at using some of the on line marketing tools.
I am new to Face Book and started there today by creating an event. It is easy to share this with other face book friends. I only tested on a few friends to see what it looked like on the receiving end. I plan researching some other groups or people in my area to invite as well. I am thinking genealogy groups, writers and writers groups. Maybe some graphic design firms. anybody in the area who might need art for a project. I will let you know how this research goes. I am a little lost at how to start...
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