Thursday, August 13, 2009

Just Sketchin', then the Rain...keep sletchin' in the rain...

Back end beauty

Made out to the Butler County Farm show for a sketch Crawl. It started out as a overcast day then the clouds and buckets of rain rolled in...That didn't stop us though!

I ripped down some watercolor to about 5x7 for a small clipboard I took. I placed 2 on the board and put the rest in a baggie to keep them clean and dry. it worked very well. when walking I turned the back side out just in case I got bumped or sneezed on by some goat or like.

As one was started, the cow -excuseme- steer-would move, so I started another. He would move back and I would continue on that angle. that seemed to be a good way to get something done.

Chickens on the other hand- never stop moving. Wow, anytime one chicken would 'crow' or squawk they would jerk their head in that direction. With over 50 cages in the tent- It was non stop. Good trick with these guys though you could tap on the cage with your pencil or hold your hand up and they would look at it. Then being able to direct them back to the pose. Who knew?

Fairway on the way out
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