Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Sketchbook of Cheryl Ceol from farm show

Artwork copy right of the artist and all artwork
used with permission from artist.

One of the artist who went on the Sketchcrawl was Cherl Ceol of "Ceol Creations" in South Hills.She was so kind to share her work and her experience with us. If you would like to learn more about Cheyl and see more of her work stop by her website,"Ceol Creation" .

"I had done all pencil sketches and just the one watercolor at the Butler Farm Show.
Actually I was lucky to get out of the muddy parking lot and am still picking odd pieces of straw and mud from under my car's frame ! LOL

I loved doing the fast sketches of the animals.
The pig (Daisy) looked impossibly content and stylish with her impromptu feed bowl hat.
She was the opening sketch of the day.
The thunderstorm was a great intervention that allowed me to hang around the horses for awhile, talk with fellow storm watchers and sketch to my heart's content.... what a nice turn of the phrase 'heart's content'. Nature is very close to my heart.
Isn't it interesting that mankind decided to 'braid' a horse's tail ? LOL
Makes one look and say, hmmm, just what does the horse think about that ?
The Clydesdale from the Hunter Creek Farm was so beautiful that I regret not doing a full color painting, though with all the people around it would have been a little difficult in that area.

Gizmo, the shorthorn bovine had such a sweet disposition and warm eyes that I couldn't just walk by without whipping out the pencil and paper. The owner was very obliging, which I deeply appreciated.

It seemed that in the tent with all the birds I became a lot looser with the sketches. I imagine it was because they moved around a lot, so no dawdling allowed. Though I didn't bring a camera, I did use my phone to record the 'raucous' in this tent and snap a few pictures.

The shear to shawl was fascinating. This technique of changing a natural resource into a viable product/work of art and performed in quiet, continuous motions was so soothing. A good study of body, machine and function.

The lambs were such a beautiful serene pair. You have to love the two toned twins. There is something so elegant about their light bodies and dark heads.

Farming is so important to our nation and the 'work horses' that help feed us another interesting study. This tractor from the 2009 Butler Farm Show caught my because it was an older model. I now regret not walking up to it and jotting down some notes as to it's age and manufacturer and if possible some of it's history from it's owner. But how unbelievable that a bunch of formed metal, rubber and fluids are combined, and given a spark of life to provide a service to it's owner. What talent, engineering, and the sweat of daily use went into this piece of machinery ? There's a balance having machinery and nature interlaced for a common goal.
" Hope you enjoyed! Cheryl
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