Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Facing a new year


First open studio class on its way and I was there! One of my resolutions is to get to this class each week. I was so ready to stay home this a.m. and work on a piece I started last night but I talked to myself about a commitment. making it and sticking with it. I find when I get out of the routine it is easier to get out of the routine....

So today amongst the artist there, we wondered what goes on in the mind that causes intimidation in drawing/painting portraits as to a still life of veggies. Other than you want it to look like the person or even better look like the person yet better and flattering. Is that it right there? Need there be much more? i know when I sit there I say to my self"it should be no different than a pepper". Well at last I am working at it and drawing something.

This one is a bit off. I forgot my pencils and used a regular number 2 and had a White stick eraser. The left eye angle I couldn't really see the angle of it to replicate on paper. I knew it wasn't doin this and that but what was it doin...The shading to now looking is a bit heavy handed. i did't come home and work any more. when the timer went off I closed my sketchbook and here it is. And oh- she wa NOT this grumpy looking!

Hope to see you sooner than it has been!
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