Wednesday, June 30, 2010

another set of "Houses For Hope" for the Ripple site

Houses for Hope Hope 4

I just sent in these to "Houses For Hope"  for on the "Ripple" site to raise money for the animal victims of the Gulf Oil Spill. They will be posted soon.
This "House for Hope 4" was started on an sheet of watercolor paper where I floated in the green/ blue wash. Once dry, I 'built " the house upon the 'rocks' . I ink first and then add watercolor. In some areas while one color is wet I like to add another right in. I like the way one runs up to or into another color. Making each effect unique. If I feel needed I may add a bit mor ink details. I let dry for a couple hours, then laying in a clear water wash around the buildings for the sky, I again lay in a blue, violet or color of my choice for the sky. Again when all is dry I do the same for the foreground.

House for Hope 5 (Sold)

House for Hope 5 was done in a similar manor as #4 but was started directly on a white watercolor paper.Inking first then laying in the color on the buildings and details. Ones dry for an hour or more I added in the blue cloud shape. as it did not touch the 'grass' i worked on it while the cloud dried. Laying in the green and addinf the crimson and sienna while still wet. I returned to the sky when blue cloud was dry and aded in the violet to finish this one up.
Both cards measure 2.3 x3.5 inches
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