Tuesday, August 17, 2010

EDM challenges #197 draw a remote and EDM # draw a drawing instrument.

EDM challenges #197 draw a remote and EDM # I can't find now...draw a drawing instrument.When I sit down to draw an EDM challenge I tend to look at the list and see what around me, that would fit into the list. Well, this really just doesn't work to well as i don't always right the number down and when I go back to tag it...I look the lost over two and three times...this time still not seeing one. Was it really there. Yeah you think I would right the number down when I start the sketch...nope don't seem to. Just go "Oh there's one", and start sketching away. Gotta get more organized. I like how many EDM sketchers just work down or up the list in order.In general that is not my nature but I strive,dream about being super organized!

I did this Niji watercolor brush, a favorite in my travel box and have grown quite a liking that I find I grab it even when I am working at my desk. There are several sizes if you have not tried any.(I got mine at Michaels where you can use a coupon).
 The page looked stark with just it and well, I hop to the list and had the remote right there so I added it to fill out the page some. I find the varying shades of black quite the challenge as well.Something to keep working on.
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