Wednesday, August 3, 2011

"Pictures and Stories" with Kids and Familes

Kid and Family art Activity with Susan Walker Art at Bear Run Campground. Students were to draw a picture of something they would see while camping. these were then put into the campgrounds Art Exhibit that night for all to view.

It was a clear and warm morning as I pulled into the campground this past Saturday morning. Ready to lead another art activity. Taylor in tow as bait. Supplies set up,Taylor working on her first piece of art,I eager to have someone ask what was going on.Then i  would deliver the irresistible magic words to have them join in. Nope -  I don't have a particular set of magic words. A few people and kids linger by as the campground begins to awake. Then the announcement-"Good MORNING Campers! Can you hear it where you are?
The days actives listed with  Creating Art with Kids and Families to start it all off. In a matter of minutes I had 12 kids, some parents and grandparents. Even more joining as the morning moved on quickly.
I passed out papers, CrayloaTwistables and markers.Told them to start by drawing some animal or insect they would see while camping. Passing around a small tray of inspirations;butterfly,cicada shell,plant pods,bumble bee,feathers,walnut shells to name a few.As the drawings appeared we talked about what and when they say these creatures.Helping in the drawing and journaling process with those that where looking for it.
I  had several students make Travel Journal Mini books about there stay so far. All drawn and matted there were 10 pieces entered in the art exhibit that night. The kids were really excited as I handed them an invitation to take back to their campsite for their families to come to the preview opening.
A good night of Pictures and Stories was sure to follow.

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