Saturday, October 27, 2012

Stickein' it for Mixed Media Art

Use Glossy or Matte Medium  and an old gift card to adhere layers of paper
Put down scrap booking papers, high quality images and ad parts from magazines,computer images, tissue papers,book text etc. with matte medium. First, brush into placing on the canvas where you are placing paper then the back of the paper.

Drop some Gel medium on surface an spread with brush

 I do this a bit generously.Placing it carefully down.Gently use the side of and old gift card to smooth out any bubbles and extra medium so as it won't buckle.

Old Gift Card to Smooth gel and bubbles
Your finger too can aid in this to gently push bubbles and paper flat. Blend with your brush the extra medium out across your piece and over the paper you just placed. Add more if you need to to seal it all under and to prepare it for adding more paper and/or paint.  Continue layering paint and images as you create a pleasing design!

 Warm Wishes by Susan Walker
5" x 5" $43.00

I use both glossy and matte medium. I begin with matte as it does not reflect the light like glossy does when taking pictures of the steps of my design at my desk. Using glossy as a final seal usually for the depth I think it adds. Occasionally I use both on a piece say when I want to retain the matte look of a paper,cardboard or have the contrast in finish.My final piece is photographed outside and I have better control of the lighting there so glossy doesn't give me trouble.
if you just stick to one type you can't go wrong(and it saves some money). The mediums are also useful in sealing and area of paint or stamping you are happy with.I seal and area and then continue working. If I don't like the look I can often wipe it away and try again with a damp cloth. If the layers are not sealed you can end up wiping away more than you like.

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