Monday, April 15, 2013

Mono-Chromatic Painting Lesson with High School and All Ages

 In celebration of national painting week by Sherwin Williams I thought a painting art project would be in store to go along. And how about monochromic colors as it is one of the best pallets to use in your home too.
 A Monochromatic paint color palette is based on a single color used in varying intensities. This project can be used with a variety of grades/ages and art supplies such as crayon, marker, watercolor and as in these samples the kids used tempera.
Here the students shoes a subject of their liking and sketched it lightly on a medium weight paper. Depending on the medium you are painting with will determine the best surface. After choosing one color they mixed it into several shades of the one color by adding white to the original color. In some cases the compliment to get shades in darker. To help 'see' the shades of grey I made photo copies of there reference to use as an added guide.
by Kelly grade 7
by Autumn grade 8 
 by Cassie grade 8

by Colton grade 8
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