Monday, September 30, 2013

Watercolr and Ink Postcard Painting During 30 Paintings in 30 days

Some of these crazy days didn't allow me time to work on a mixed media piece for the 30 in 30 paintings but I did get a few watercolor sketches in. I keep this small watercolor set and some water brushes in my bag. I really should have a few as I am always moving them from one place to another. I have used up most all the original colors and re-filled it with tube colors. I have the name written in permanent marker on the edge. Some colors sharing a place in opposite corners.
 I am really working on not so much detail. I just get caught up in it. I guess my thinking is just automatic to want to include so much more than I need to. I don't even know I am doing it. But I do know the finished piece is not the look I set out to do.

Marigold from my garden . I would like to add a bid more variation yet with watercolor.But fear of over doing it. Good thing it was still drying as I couldn't wait and went to bed.
These were sketched from shared photos from Artist Dreama Tolle Perry during her trip to Italy. These photos were for the sole purpose of inspiring others. This was my attempt.
Close up. If you hope over to her post here you can see the photos and Dreama interpretation. After completing my window view I went back to see hers. She has far less detail...notice my shutters. But I really like how she uses white space and the loose feel. This approach too would help explain how artist can get so much done out in plein air. Not that they are working less, just working smarter in my opinion. I am just a nut for that impressionistic look.

The First image here I began to get to involved in the details of the wall and all the angels of the gondola. I stopped and started again. I like the first with no ink work though I am itchin' to put some in....Second I just may have gotten to much ink in the bushes and it is taking away from the gondola itself. I currently keep plugging away at finding a happy balance.
This is where I am coming from. This print is full of details I put in and love to do for this type of work. I guess it is true about old dogs...but this one is a rebel!
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