Thursday, July 3, 2014

Marking Your Journey

It's that time of year again BBQ,fresh fruit of all kinds, the heat, swimming and sleeping in a bit. Also the 'I'm booorrreedd" where I am trying to lure my kids away from the electronics, get out side and experience what is out there...beyond those screens!Maybe your like us,we do not have big travel plans scheduled this year. Just things around our area, a church camp with my triplets to VA -I'm a chaperone- and my HD to Canada with the oldest for scouts- during the same week. Or maybe you are headed to the beach, family reunion or another great adventure.
Journaling in all forms is a great way to keep everyone experiencing the surroundings whether big or small adventures.
This year we started one journal for the summer. We all are writing,drawing, clipping and pasting in it. (kids need to practice their 'putting thoughts on paper' the teacher said too.) It is about what we are doing most days, our goals for the summer are in it,bits and bobs from travels and restaurants, anything and of course-drawings. I hope it to be a great keepsake of the summer too. Mis-spellings and all.
We are keeping ours in a basket on the table so it is convenient to grab. I also have some markers and a glue stick.  We we run somewhere we usually just grab the journal and add color later.I already keep a glue stick with me and we are fans of tearing things out and so we don't even take scissors.

MATERIALS: Any acid free items you use will just last longer than we live they claim. :/
Journal of your choice. I recommend smaller than bigger. Easy to take with you and not so big you feel as if it is to much to fill up.
favorite writing pen ( I have so many it can be hard to decide for me.)
Glue stick
Optional: markers, Twistables or colored pencils, ( No crayons if you will be leaving it in the hot car)

All is fair in record keeping and memory have fun and enjoy!

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