Thursday, August 7, 2014

Positive Effects When Your BLessings Overflow.

I believe in the power of positive thinking. In my art I love to use positive,encourage words and verses. To me this makes sense. But I have been doing some research to back  up my belief/theory.
Here in an article by Debi Livingston Boushey, BCH, CI she states that there is a "powerful phenomenon" for example that happens when you count your blessings. You begin to focus your mind on positive aspects of your life. You begin to feel energized,and grateful  for all the good stuff and push the negative out of your mind. Try it. Notice how you feel.

I believe too that when we gift these words by notes, cards and even in art, we have the ability to effect others in positive ways. Even when we can't be there. Just think how you can make someone feel every time they see your note or walk by your card. Or the art you picked for them. 
Pretty cool huh.

View View Final Piece HERE or to Purchase
12" x 12", $65.  one of a Kind Mixed Media 
by Susan Walker 
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