Monday, September 29, 2014

Up-cycling a Frame for a Art Ornament Display Piece for a Christmas Tour

I am hosting my first OPEN HOUSE this Dec. It is part of "Intimate Christmas Tour" a group of woman owned businesses and artist are hosting. I am nervous & excited all at the same time. I will be showing new mixed media pieces, art ornaments,note cards and other assorted items on my to do list.

Part of planning is a preparing postcards and marking material. I have an entire list-actually several lists- I have started and in the middle of it is marketing the tour and open house. So jumping to the top is my marketing. Translation, take photos. Well, I am not that far ahead of the game to be decorated for Christmas, that would just be plain annoying. But I have bought some new lights and prepping this frame for a photo shoot of my mixed media ornaments displayed in this frame.
My work is often done in a bright, bold  color pallet. Some folks might say my personality has its colorful side as well. I went with this key-lime green to give a pop with the more traditional colors and my home. Should go well with the ornaments and mini uplifting quotes.

Started with giving this frame a fresh base coat of white paint.

 Then careful layers of key-lime.

It's coming along!

Stop back to see future posts on my finished display and other projects and art for the open house.
For more information on the Christmas Tour click HERE and please share the love!

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