Monday, February 16, 2015


What next?Frame 'em:in magnet frames,acrylic frames,fancy frames.
Leave them behind for others to discover just simply printed out OR place them in sleeves or envelopes if you want to dress them up. 
Make tags with them, scrapbook with them just to get you started!

Who Doesn't feel good when they see something funny or encouraging? Here I have created a printable for you to pass around and leave behind to spread what i call "POSITIVITY". Of coarse make a set for yourself!

How do you get it? Just sing up for Susan Walker Art eNews on my website and it will be sent off
to you.

After you get your down load, PRINT THEM according to your printer.  You can use colored printing paper  or I like to cut down scrapbook paper to 8.5 wide(my printers width).There are so many decorative papers you can use and the weight is a bit heavier which I like too. (again, get something that is compatible with your printer.)

I use an inexpensive paper cutter from Fiskar. I like it because it is light weight,small and has an arm for larger measuring.
 Trim row down and then across for easy trimming

here I top mounted them on scraps of papers with a glue stick to dress them up a bit.
Now leave them out and about.

In comment below share what you have done and where about you passed the on. :D
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