Monday, March 9, 2015

Temptations that Draw Me Away from Priorites

Temptations are all around us. How come so many of them come wrapped in chocolate! Now in the big picture I don't think this is one of the serious temptations. Though one I fall to to often....;)
This weeks Artful lent verse is  and asks us what keeps us from a relationship with God. This is were temptation comes in for me. Its in the for of the word  "priorities".
Week 2 for the Artful Lent Journal, Cherry Ashen Fargo  suggest that we prepare ourselves early on.To be armed with scripture verses that will protect us from the lies of the enemy and remind us of your purpose for following the leading of the Spirit to this place.     

"Go forward knowing that God will be there for you during this time. He will allow you to be tested but as you look to Him, He will strengthen you and provide you with a way of escape from your temptations. It may be challenging but it will be worth it! " Peter 5:10

I found myself thinking about the temptations that keep me from growing closer to God. Most of which have to do with time. In my artful lent piece I drew the path to God . All HIS natural beauty.Rays drawing the eye to the Holy Spirit. whom I need to listen for better. Along the way are what the devil tells me are my priorities. Time,my chores and responsibilities.Working with my kids on more homework than I can remember ever doing in my school years.Work and making money,chores like getting the yard work done. A bit of chocolate temptation and the all needed sleep so I can do it all over again.

All these things take me away from spending time in the word, in church and praying. I know if I spent the time doing these things all the rest would be better. So this week I am focusing on just that. God first. The rest will follow.

How will you put God first?
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