Sunday, January 27, 2008

Feeling the preasure that will come with my new space

I am so excited about my new space. Anticipating the finished,professional and neat appearance of it all. Everything with a place and everything in it's place. That is how I imagine though I am not that way by ease.Doing some shopping for containers and storage. Again all looking clean and professional.
On the other hand of all this is the expectations I have placed on myself to really produce some art.Enter a few jury art showings and increase my shows that I participate in.I have been researching the net - on my new lap top from my hd. Overwhelmed with the amount of digital work out there. These blogs, courses, artist's workshops all on line.(I plan to share my finds here down the road.)
I am a traditional pen ink and watercolor artist. So bringing the computer together with the art is going to be new. I got my scanner going and look forward to getting into an online critique group. Connecting with other artist will do my creative spirit such good.
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