Sunday, January 27, 2008

My Own space

I am in the works of watching my own space come to be again.

This time permanently. I had a room till my triplets were coming along and I packed- well my husband packed everything up. I Have yet to find it all in the attic.
It has been 5+ years and this time I am not moving out! (Well that is unless it is to a new home or something...)
I am moving off the kitchen counter for good! I am looking forward to so many things. Starting a projecting and leaving it were it lays, closing the door behind me till I can get back again.Time saved packing things and pulling them out again and getting the brain back on track as to where I was. Wow, and no kids climbing on things. I have though planned to come up with there own space within my space. Any suggestions you have would be welcomed.

The first photo here is with the drywall and primer up. Next is how it was left on the 25Th- ready to put the grout in the tile. I should be getting ready to move in next week!!
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