Saturday, May 17, 2008

finding some balance

micron and pencil sketches from St Petes FL

Vacation was great- when we got to the beach and began to relax. I found Disney to be exhausting. Felt this pressure to see so as much as you can. yet we knew we had to take breaks. 4 days was not enough to fit it all in. But I have to say we fit a LOT in. I too managed to try to draw.This was new for me. It has been a goal for me this year to sketch everyday. At the least every week. To attempt this on a family vacation as such I wasn't sure I could do it.

One of my main challenges when we were away was that I would start something.( and it was a little something. a leaf, a chair) and then we had to get on a bus or the kids wanted to go to the other pool or just had to stop or move for one reason or another.or just to go be with the kids and enjoy.
I would come back to unfinished work or just a few lines. I had to keep telling myself " at least you have a pen moving! One step at a time." so I didn't complete much. I do have hopes of finishing of some with my photos as reference. I will let you know!
So back at home I again am trying to find a balance between my desire to sketch, draw ,coming up with promotional pieces and being a mom, wife, house keeper and cook. And as good as I can be at all.
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