Friday, June 27, 2008

First Food Challenge

Well today I took up a little challenge to myself to journal food. A while back I saw some Food Diaries on the EDM group. I found them to be delightful to look at. Well, I have had those images in the back of my mind in images I would like to try.

On my sketch crawl I saw a loaf of gorgeous bread that I could see in a light watercolor. I was able to ink it at the time and take a photo. I plan on recording this one soon in a watercolor wash.

what I found in the beginning was waiting to eat while I sketched it out. If I were to take bites the image would keep changing and i was hungry! (tip one- don't wait till your really hungry to do this. Start before famish sets in!) A big challenge for me is to hold back the ink. I tend to get carried away forgetting i want just a bit of ink and more said in the watercolor wash. BUT I was pleased to find as I got into the color stage my hunger was passing with just a few nibbles from my plate that I did not eat as much as I would have. That is always a PLUS for me.
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