Sunday, June 22, 2008

My First Sketch Crawl

This Sat the 19 was a world wide Sketch Crawl. I asked the local WPaSCBWI group( ) I am involved in by way of the on line. (now I fell officiall as I met in person 4 others) if anybody was participating. Nobody was familiar with the details but we all agreed it sounded like fun. We don't need a reason to get an draw. And draw we did. Five of us total we able to make it-Rose (,, Jan,Leda, Cheryl and I. We made our way around the Pittsburgh market district,The Penn Avenue Pottery owner allowed us to sketch in his studio space and gave us an impromptu lesson on the stages of his pottery.( As well as 2 historical churches.
I can not express how exhilarating it was. Sharing the goal of sketching with others. We didn't mind sitting around at lunch not talking much as we ALL we sketching away. When we met,Leda right away got her pen going. She said she want to capture everything about the day and I believe she did. I can't wait to see every ones results!

It was just plain old fun! I know more about the Strip District than ever and it was such a treat to meet Internet friends in person. All this in just .56miles.
On a technical note: I broke in a new sketchbook. One i had bought for vacation but to intimidated to use. I took it and only it as to not chicken out...but it is a simple Pro Art, black cover book. i can sketch across the center. I used microns so far and love the smooth surface. Paper isn't real think but it does say it can take watercolor, ink and pencil. I will let you know how it goes when I try other mediums. I picked this up at Pat Catans.
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