Thursday, June 19, 2008

sketching in a book

I had in mind that I wanted to draw right on the pages of something. I loved what Anita showed us of her baby book on EDM. a link to see hers :
But knew I would be intimidated by such an nice "support'. I needed something not fancy or expensive. No luck at the 'Boarders Express'-OH other than I got a book light there-yippee- I found myself pulling up to the dollar store. Not sure what I wanted thought who knows what I will find. Well I bought a small book. I liked that it was small in my hands and thin. Not to many pages to feel obligated to fill. Paper a creamy color but non of that mattered when I was looking. This was for the heck of it.I even bought a glue stick thinking i might glue 'things' in it at some point.

WELL- I got to an appointment early I thought and put one mark of watercolor on a page. That was it as they were ready for

So now that this story is so long...I got to draw in it this am. WHILE I was on an elliptical machine. With others right beside me that could see me drawing. Thank you EDM members for the inspiration from the group to do such things. If Martha can sketch in the dark - why not while exercising.
I actually didn't continue to the weight machines but down to the pool with my kids to keep drawing. So on the same spread you see other items from there.I thought I would add color at home but I may not now. Save that for another page.
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