Sunday, June 1, 2008

Taking my sketchbook places I never have before

I am writing in amazement of myself in how I have been packing my sketchbook to go just about everywhere. This is new for me. AND I am actually using it maost of the time.

I went with my HD and kids today on a quad ride. Through the woods behind our house to fish in some beaver ponds. I had never been there before and had no idea what we were getting into. Well, I got some drinks and Tom loaded the fishing gear. I then ran in and grabbed some drawing stuff. Now lately I have been keeping a little pack of things ready to go. But this time - read this- I grabbed watercolors, brush and a little pad. Got a little Rubbermaid container with water and through it all in the little cooler. I actually thought I might do watercolors!!
Well, where we ended up did not have a lot of shore. It was steep hills and a little difficult for the kids. But we did get settled into some spots. After we got our grove going I pulled out my sketchbook. Afraid to get into the watercolrs with the assistance I was giving as hook baiter, I still drew.

Here was part of the shore across the water. I found that it was particulary hard to see details in the shadows from the trees and glare of the sun. As well as representing the water as still as it was. As the sun went behind the tress things then began to appear better.

Also down from me was this frog. I started of sketching fast as I wasn't sure when he would leap off. But the further I got and the longer he stayed put the more i got in. Now with him, the water was very clear and still for sometime. That is what I found hard to represent- the things I saw and yet to have them look as if they were under the water. Now as the sun changed I could no longer see 'through'. I found this all to be interesting and caused new thoughts of approach. I will have to try these things again and work through them. But I am so pleased to have been able to even work it in to the 'trip'.
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