Friday, July 18, 2008

Voting now closed on 'What brings you back to ablog"

Thank you to all 57 of you who voted on "What brings you back to a blog?". In a nut shell- 48 of you(84%) go back to the blogs you like because of the art you see. 20(35%)also like to see 'how' or techniques.
There were 13 of you who went back for 'other' reasons. Was that for friendships,humor, or just plain something else? Scroll down to post on July 11 and see additional comments made about just why.
So what did I glean from this? We need to post images regularly and you don't need to write a book about them either. We are developing relationships with each other even if it is just to check in and see whats new. Leaving a bravo or words of encouragement now and again.Which helps me to keep blogging on!
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