Friday, August 8, 2008

First Moleskine's

Picked up these Moleskines Cashies at Barnes and Nobles yesterday. Couldn't resist after all I have heard about the likes and don't likes on EDM. The store could tell me anything about the paper but i picked these because they were thin and a small size. I hope to start them as them books. that way i can hopefully fill them. One theme I know I want to start is nature and this summer of finds my family and i have encountered. Snakes, turtles, large milipeedes, poison ivy- I ended up at the hospital over it with an infection and why woudn't I want to document such an experience...see the inmflunce of documenting I am getting from all of you!

Thanks again, and if anybody knows anything about these books I would love to hear

OH- Barnes and Noble has their own line of journals. One was blank pages. Really vibrant paterned covers. But again they could not tell me about the paper. If anyone has tried it, i like to know what you think.
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