Friday, August 8, 2008

making a Recipe Card for the EDM swap

Now that the swap is done I wanted to share my experience with my first swap and how I created my cards.As i was working on them i intended on post the process as I went but not getting to that...I put the notes and images together here.

I gathered some of my favorite cookbooks and a few magizines I have held on to and began the 'study'. i was looking for images of the food, layout on other recipes,just food for the brain.

Sketching the recipe card Laying out a couple of 4 x 6 spaces I began to layout my card. I changed recipes though...No longer Strawberry Spinach Salad but some Chicken Skewers. We loves these and make them for all kinds of occasions. I visualized them across the entire card with type over them. Thinking how easy they are to make yet when I am writing the recipe and all of the suggested ingredient choices. It is becoming much more type and over small images than I visually pictured in the beginning.

You know just what package of this or that you buy. Have you ever had to write it? For this exchange I found I didn't know details of size or amounts. My art office is downstairs and I kept running up to the pantry over to the mudroom freezer to look up package sizes. Well, at least I am getting much needed excersize!

After the sketching i scanned and copied it in a very light pencil line. I painted one but found I didn't like that i could change up the veggies as I went because the copy doesn't erase. so back to the old fashioned way. On my light box I traced the lines on the back with a soft 2b pencil and becag to transfere the image to my paper. i had a lot to write so I cut the Strathmore 140# paper to 6"w and left the rest (11") I will trim when they are writen in. Boy I wish we could have used the computer for this part! From the stand point of the doing. On the recieving end...I LOVE

seeing everyones handwriting. After each painting was completed i traced down my title. With Pigma pen I began the writng. (took way to long...) When all was completed I trimmed the bottom off.I then measured 4" down from the top, scored across on the paintng side with, well, a kinda dull steak knife,folded. One or two needed it done again 4 more inches down as i didn"t not write as small as I should have.

Here is a link to all the cards in the swap. hope you enjoyed!
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