Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Going without

Ran out for a bite to eat the other night after a long day of emptying out the boys new room. As predictable, someone needed to get something back in the house once we were in the car. (wasn't me for a change) but I sat perched on the edge of my seat thinking about making a dash to the house after Zach. I didn't have my sketch book.... Well, I was going with the family and really wouldn't have the opportunity to sketch with being rude, so i didn't dash up.
NEVER AGAIN- on the way down the drive way tom said we needed gas...I suggested he drop me off, I would reserve a table and if there was a long wait, he could run down the road with the kids for the gas. GO figure, 20 minutes and plenty of time to make the gas run.
So now I found myself there on a beautiful evening,no kids to hang out with and time to myself and no sketch book. I couldn't take it so i went in and asked d for a paper place mat. I then parked my self on the outside porch and sketched on the back of the kids menu. About 15 min. latter buzzer goes off. Table ready and Tom just pulled in. So for the first time I added the little sketch on the back of the menu to my existing journal book. Not a great sketch but more surprised by myself of how I couldn't let that time go without sketching!
And here it is on the page with other items of the day. it is the logcabin Bird house. i just folded over a bit of the left
edge and glued it in. It 'flaps' like a page on a page.
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