Sunday, November 16, 2008

Return to school....

The kids listen to the Bible lesson. Got a chance to try to draw lots of backs of people. I have Mrs. R mush heavier than she is but I feel the overall first attempt at the class isn't to bad.

I returned to school with. First grade that is! Yep, It is not quite what I had in mind when I think of returning to school but it will do. I have been accompanying Zach to help keep an eye on him with his seizures. So with sketchbook in hand here are a few sketches I did while I was in class. Maybe it looks like I was taking notes....

Here is an attempt at drawing some more kids and some items in the music room. What I ended up doing was drawing this item and that and just placing them through out the page. I even kept notes on some of the things I learned or exercises I found interesting. This page also has my record of times Zach had seizures. I treat this journal as sacred and if I put my notes and list in it I know i will be able to find the information too down the road if need be.

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