Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Some creative podcast I have discovered

My six year old daughter got an iPod for Christmas. So I have been back in the itunes store looking for free pod casts of books and things that would interest her. While there I looked to see what is new or I just haven't discovered in the area of arts/crafts/creativity/spirituality.
Here are several I found worthy of subscribing to. I personally try a few podcast episodes out to see what they are like and the real topic and flow of them. Also I HAVE to like the voice of the speaker. Then I go to the first few episodes and work my way to present. I find this helps to know what was going on and keep me up to date. If i am home listening I enjoy putting on their website or blog so as they mention something I can click to the link.

LOVE ti hear what you think and ones you love.

Craft Sanity podcast with Jennifer Ackerman-Haywood
This has had some interviews and talking about the business of crafting. So far very informative.Lots of craft projects. The blog is very helpful as well. Cast is about 15 minutes or more.

Crafty pod podcast and blog

Sketcheebook- this one I recommend listening to the fist ones to help get you started in the sketchbook.
these are short clips (5 mins)
I have mentioned this one before but If you haven't discovered this one yet...
Craftymompodcast-This is my daily favorite. I like that they are long posts. About 20 or more minutes. It goes back to June of 2006 so I am able to enjoy an episode each time I liten. Almost caught up! What will i do when i can only get one a week!
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