Saturday, December 27, 2008

Diving in to my first Compositional Art Journal!!

Diving in to my first compositional art journal!!

Been listening to Creative mom podcast and so very ready to put hospital stuff and Christmas prep behind me... I started to prepare a compositional art journal. This is the first time since school started this year that I do not have any obligations. In September it was getting ready for a art show. 3 days later I took my son to the Er and we begun our journey with Epilepsy. With that a bit under control and the holidays over...I just want to have some creative fun. Funny that Christmas day after 4 hours of sleep in 2 days i went to take a "tubby". I began to think creatively. I usually read in the tub- lately the new Danny Gregory book. But I was sooo tired my eyes were shot to do even that. But let me tell ya my head was working on things I could only imagine having the energy to begin. I told my HD that I am due for some good couch time!
So I did some reading on the Compositional Art Journal blog and got started...Couldn't find the gesso so i began my pages with painting them with some Gloss Medium Gel. The red line down the page moved a bit. but this will be fine. I took wax paper and taped it to the pages behind he ones I wanted to prep.using what I call artist tape to tape along the seam. Hopefully this will protect those pages.i will let you know how it develops.
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