Monday, December 22, 2008

Travel Lines

Again, still spending much time "waiting". I am working on my Christmas shopping etc. and find myself up and down many of the same streets and Highways. I have begun to sketch during these 5 minute light waits. i keep some blank index cards in my console. Route 19 where I do much of my shopping is lined with oak trees. they still have their brown leaves on them and so I start at one intersection on this tree...move through the light and continue down the road and pick up the drawing with another. I tend to pick items I see repeated in the area or in the car.( holiday wreaths,parking meters, lampposts). Yesterday I actually sat through the green light so I could draw a bit more!! (no nobody was behind me...I would of stayed longer but a car did eventually pull up.)

so I add another place I never thought I would draw from.
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