Friday, December 12, 2008

Passing time at the hospital again

Zach here looks so much older than he is. But at least it looks human!

I was disappointed not to have access to my blog while at the hospital. I though I would be able to update. Oh well, I did get to clean up my mail and surf a lot of wonder sites. In my mind I thought I would work on my people drawing skills. Not sure where to start again I went to the posemaniacs site to see what I could lay down in my sketchbook. Trying to grab the gesture. also an attempt at someone having lunch. i went back to the room and looked for
sites on anatomy. I began to do exercises with that but soon petered out. I plan on getting back to it no home.
Monday started off good but as the days went by I got tired from interrupted sleep and just didn't have enough energy and motivation to keep busy.
Zach watched TV,played Nintendo and did a great job getting thorough 4 tests in 3 days. Like I said earlier, I packed several projects that once there found hard to get to after the second day. so what you see is my attempt to get something down and keep pushing.
Some aimless ramblings of the pen. Here I didn't even finish my note. The scanning room was very dim and looking at that pillow...I just wanted to nap.
All these were done with my new love-Pitt pen.
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