Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Hilton Head Sketches

Went on vacation in Hilton from the 1-11. I haven't had a vacation that long since my honeymoon 17 yrs ago! Boy was it nice to have a few extra days.With that said, I packed light for the trip. Clothes for the family in similar colors to have a washer load and well we planned on living in our bathing suits a lot. Everyone had flip flops and one pair of sandals, snacks and of course my electronic gadgets.
Sketching material- that too was light. I guess with age and experience I am learning what I really use what I don't. Also this time I didn't feel as if I let myself down by NOT using this or that material that I brought. Maybe the beach readers have similar feelings when they have a bag full of reading material and only get through one or two...What I did pack was my current Moleskin sketchbook, my small watercolor box, a water pen, 2 micron pens(.05 and .03) then my still current fave-XF Pitt pen. All the pens fit in a small bag then which I could fit it and the sketchbook in a freezer bag for protection from sand, water, wet towels,snacks... Oh I through in my suitcase the last minute a watercolor pad which I never used.As you see I had this hope of using watercolor. Not something I am comfortable with. I have the vision of what I want it to look like but struggle with achieving 'the look' I am after. I often want to get in there with my pen and can't leave it alone. It looks unfinished when I don't do it. Yet I see others that inspire me and you see I quickly went to my favorite XF artist pen. I finally attempted some people too.

What I ended up with....
Tried to keep loose and suggestive.

At first I avoided doing people. Knowing the only way to get better is to do it...I began to try a few here and there. Sometime I swear it is my attitude I have in my head about it that makes it turn out better one time than another.

I had done the palm trees first at the pool the day before.I add the lady from the beach the next day to fill the page space. I started this quickly as we sat eating ice cream at the marina. With that quick start to get something down, I miss judged my size and didn't have near the room for this boat. The boat WAS a biggie though!

Again I struggled with this light house. I did like how the windows are going. I got to hot and discouraged so I wrapped it up. I do hope to come back to it and finish it from some photos I took.
These pool side chairs I added as the days went by. we tended to sit on the same side of the pool. I did one before a rain and then the next day...added 2 more the third day and another and some pool things to complete the page.

Over and over I had to remind myself not to sweat it, just be loose.All week I did keep in my thoughts to keep it loose and flowing suggestive lines. I returned to the great images in the Danny Gregory book of assorted sketchbook artist and those I love to visit here on the net.

Most of it I am happy with. But most to have these as part of my vacation memories.
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