Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Sending some of souvinirs back home

Been in Harbor Town, Hilton Head SC for about a week. I wanted to send some of our vacation home to Nana and BaBa. Making envelopes out of the kids menus from the Crazy Crab I tucked in their post card, pine needles as they are everywhere on the ground and used as 'mulch' here, but i don't notice the tree, sphagnum moss,shells and little alligators-fake of course ('cuz they are in the lagoon behind our town house). Sealed them with packing tape- OOOPS,not sure how easy it will be to open...I just didn't want them to tear open and loose the goodies.
Then NaNa loves dolphins and BaBa penguins and I found each one of them. I hope they enjoy their surprises.
PS_ good news they got them in two days and no trouble getting them open!
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