Friday, July 31, 2009

Kids keeping busy with a sketch book on vacation

"Harbour town Light House" and "Bridge at Lagoon with alligator and Turtle" by Jacob
(this lagoon was behind our townhouse)

"Caught by Lizard" and "Little "Hermit Crab and Snail" by Jacob

"Lizard Catching Fly with little Crab"" and "Pirate Ship" by Jacob by Jacob

I bought 2 packs of moleskin Craft brown covered sketching books for the kids. These too fit in my bag I carried around on vacation with my sketchbook. I was delighted by the hit they were.

"House at Lagoon with Alligator and Turtle" and "Harbour Town Light House"by Taylor
"Mouse", "Balloon Art" inspired by Cappy Clown under the oak tree creating balloon art. "Heart person in Color" by Taylor

I pulled them out at a restaurant when we had a wait. I told them I got them to draw or write about our trip.Well to my amazement they jumped right in and got to drawing and recording the events and sights so far with the crayons from the restaurant. I later picked up crayola twist pencils (regular crayons would melt in the heat) to for my daughters finer desire for color assortment...I know shes only 7 but I can relate to this to well!

All artwork published with permission.
More art to follow from Zachary and Colton. stop back soon!
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