Sunday, September 20, 2009

Busy tinking,but now on my way with focusing!

Done during the childrens message.

Been taking time to thinking and evaluating where I am 'professionally" and where I m headed. I am glad to say I am finding a focus with the help of the class "Multiple Streams of income" with Laura Bray. the accountability and deadlines is great a great motivator. The fact I don't want my tuition to go to waste doesn't hurt either!

I am one to have this on the burner and that too. That is with my personal life as well as my creative life. I get an idea that I think is goo and I drop the current one for the new one., Often not finishing the first one.

I am a great list maker for shopping and chores but now I am using that to plan my strategies to focus my business. Right now I may be a little over the top with micro-managing but I believe as I get the rhythm of my schedule down I will not go such details. Its been great to look at my things to do and get to doing. I have broken my day down noting activities the kids have, Tom has, and things I want to do. I have grocery shopping charted(of course a running list of what we are in need of when I do go). I then take the time in between to chart my art. this is the plan at least!

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