Tuesday, September 29, 2009

marketing thoughts

Do you face book and twitter? If so what about? I am not one to tell ya' what am eating but more what I am doing. I guess I want to see how other artist live and fit day to day life in to their art or the art into their day to day. I guess because that is my day to day challenge.

For me art is not an option it is part of who I am and at times can be my driving force of the day/week/month. But I am a mom,a wife, daughter and friend as well. Just some days I am better at one than the other. Not usually all in one day.

Today though I had my business hat on and signed up on face book with my business name. This way I have 'claimed' the name while I continue to resurrect and expand my business. (though I need to create the page yet, I feel I have a start.)

Are you thinking ahead? Planning for the future of your passion may take you?

Consider some simple actions you can take:

1.sign up your business name/s on Face book,Twitter, My Space etc.

2. Claim your busines name on on line shops such as Etsy.

3. Place your business/studio on Google Maps

4.Add your business or studio to Yahoo maps

5. Add a feed reader option to your blog and web for readers to keep up with you.(look in your gadagets with your blog)

6. Use Ping o matic and Pingoat each time you write a new post. these services sends to many others to let the blog world to stop by.

In this fast past electonic age I hope one of thess help you in some way.Gets you thinking beyond what you are currently doing.

I Would love to hear some of your marketing stratagies to share wwith others.

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