Monday, September 28, 2009

Need to get back on the right road? Look at the Map again!

Well I was losing track of my direction so I pulled out the map. I have found this ebook"Multiple Streams of income" from Laura Bray very helpful.
I have taken my 3 focus income directions and now applied marketing strategies to support them. Next step?- Work them into my daily schedule with a goal for completion as well.
I hope this will keep me focused on the goals and see results in a realistic time frame. I do have to say that this makes me look at my days/weeks ahead and see were I can plug in the art work. I look forward to feeling more successful and productive with a realistic game plan. Not one where I am left feeling a failure for not getting anything done. This is hard work to stay focused. My mind so frequently tries to lure me away to other thoughts and ideas to go along with future plans. I just have to write it down then say "No time for that now." Maybe another day.-when I work it into my PLAN!

What works for you to keep you on the right road of your map? Personal or business?
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