Thursday, November 19, 2009

I made it-Portrait claass

Yes I did indeed. I walked away from 2 loads of laundry that has needed folded for 2 days-what is one more day...and other assorted chores I haven't done because of working at the school and spending time with my mum on her vacation. Guess what- it was all still there when I got home today!

So yes I made it to a open studio portrait session . The last attempt was in May and someone couldn't get the doors open and we had to leave. It was a great change for me and I didn't embarrass myself to much with my work. The model posed at 20 minute intervals but I could not work that long on the same pose. As you see I move around a little and even tried my hand at an other artist painting the model. Some of the other artist worked in color-watercolor,pastel and a few of us in pencil and charcoal.

If you can't get out you too may like this site to keep your hand practiced.It had full figure poses that change from every 10 seconds to 90 seconds that you set. As well focus on the face, hands, the figure in negative space. Now these are not photos but I guess created with the anatomic computer images.

I would love to hear if you tried it and share your images!
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