Thursday, October 29, 2009

Drawing on a road trip endsa little Fishy

The tempeture had begun to drop and the rain sending the leaves down.I couldn't resist the fall folagaige all around as we took a road trip on Saturday. I worked on this small watercolor as we went. This is a combination of views. As we came to bends in the road I would study the values of the assvault, then the way the median looked as I waited for a repeat in type I was working on. The tree refrence was endless of corse.

After our designate deststination we took a side trip to Cabela's upon getting to the entrance we watched a chinsaw carver. How cool was that  for a start!

My husband and oldest son reaped the rewards of the merchandise there but the entire family enjoyed the displays of animals and fish tanks.They are all there in for the purpose of educating the public about conservation.

We spent a lot of time watching the fish in the room size fish aquariums. I was able to 'catch with a few with my line'. Close by, the kids working on their recordings and photos. Again working in my moleskin with the XF Pitt Artist Penn.

                          Photos Taylor took

Following night during a soccer practice I added in some light washes of color.
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