Thursday, March 4, 2010

A few journal pages with pen,ink and watercolor backgrounds

A few journal pages.The backgrounds I do a head of time. About 4 pages at a time.These were done with watercolor.Often while making dinner or in bed while watching a bit of tv.I lay a couple water filled brush stokes across the the page. I pick up some color and drop it in the wet area and dragging it across some dry as well. Also rolling the water/color around letting it flow where it will across the page.Shaking salt into the wet also can make a nice effect. (Be sure to wipe it off when dried completely,)Then allowing to dry. Standing the book up on its spline I can keep the four pages away from eachother to allow to dry. After a few attempts I have found I like the lighter washes of two colors using yellow,orange, blues and greens.My writing and pen and ink sketches seem to work better together. But have fun experimenting and find just the right combinations for you. Look forward to hearing what you find.
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