Thursday, June 3, 2010

Tweet deck and more organizing of some business details

A few weeks ago I organized my social or more like the way I want to think of it 'my business' media. I signed on to tweetdeck. There I can post to twitter, face book and linkedin at one time. Also MySpace if you have that account.

Another thing I did was to coordinate my email,user name and passwords for all the accounts. As I registered over time I used different words some only a letter or number different...not a good idea. You know how some places do not require numbers and some do...well now I have gone to always using my numbers. Is that TMI?

Once you are registered to link your accounts.Set it up to have a slim column up as you work of not. I use that one I don't mind the ditractions as I read it as it posts and tend to comment more when I keep it up. One of the first things I did was turn off the notification of new tweets alert as it was sending me off my chair!

Oh and I loaded the Android feature on my phone. Since I have done all this I am able to find interesting things to read related to my interests while at appointments and such. My plan is to get more familiar with how others use these networks and through in my hat once in a while.

Love to hear if you use it and how you like it.
And you can always follow with me!
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