Thursday, July 8, 2010

Completed more ACEO Cards for Gulf Oil Spill

Here on day 80 of the Gulf Oil spill I glad to be able to send off a few more ACEO cards to Ripple but deeply saddened that there is still a need too. Yes this spill will be effecting wildlife for probably years to come, but with no cap currently-where is the light?

I haven't been able to depict the "Oil" devastation as other artist have but continue to look toward the other side. where clean beaches, thriving animals and family memories will occur again on the Gulf. I guess when some one views one of my cards I know they will be reminded of the why and how they acquired it but I still hope to bring joy to their hearts to for the good in it all.

These cards were first inked with the layers of watercolor laid into them to obtain the variation of color. I again found myself adding a few details when all was dry with ink.

To make a donation and pick your own artist sketch card, go to Ripple .
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