Monday, July 12, 2010

A few sketchbook pages

I haven't posted any sketchbook pages in some time. I really got away from the ability to to put pen to the page since the death of my mum in December. I have faithfully carried it from place to place as I always had but just didn't have the motivation or energy to do anything out and about as I once spent my time. I am not sure actually what replaced it. I guess just sitting, waiting like the other folks around.
Lately I have been paging through it and was really astonished how much time as passed since I worked on anything. As I looked I was reminded of what pleasure I found in the activity and needed to put it back into my time.

So here the baby steps I have taken...

I can see here the awkward lines at these first attempts back during my sons baseball game.

Simple sketch and a bit of recording.
Color trials for the thisel color in the upper corner of this sketch I worked on in between baiting some more hooks.
Sunday sermon sketch.
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