Monday, September 13, 2010

ink of Mellon Arena Done!

Well, I did it. I got it done. The Civic Arena as it was called in my youthful days, now Mellon Arena still stands with unknown future. But for me it is now my latest completed illustration of a wonderful building that has housed many events and holds memories too for an abundant amount of "Pittsburgher's" like me.

This was a challenge to execute from the beginning.(read some of the previous posts for more) I fined tuned the sketch several times before beginning to apply ink. Then continued to check the details with my magnifying class and numerous reference photos I took.
Now under my belt, I am pleased with it and hope others will enjoy the print that may link them back to their fond memories. So here is to another memory for me to link to the Civic /Mellon Arena.

Debuting for purchase this weekend at Penn's Colony Festival.
or stop by my etsy shop soon.

Hesr is a sneak peak

Mellon arena by Susan Walker
all rights reserves 2010
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