Monday, October 11, 2010

Wondering around

The show I did back in September went fairly well. Covered my expenses and made a bit. Was it worth the work? That I sat there and debated each day and still leaves me wondering around unable to move forward in many ways. I was so proud of myself to get all the things done on my to do list for the show. But now still catching up I wonder if it was was the cost. I pretty much worked 6 hours a day 3 or more days a week once school started. So my house chores stacked up and clutter grew. I have since been working on that and all the things I wanted to do already. Summer I spend as much time with my four kids playing as I can. weekends are family time. This is a priority for me. We all have different ones.

My mother pasted away this passed December suddenly. She and my mother n law always enjoyed seeing me at this show. I often joked couldn't I just give them some spending money and go with them, it would be cheaper and easier. My mother n law couldn't make it either . i originally started out doing this show with my sister in law who also passed away several years ago at an early age of breast cancer. My sister has stepped up and her and her girls have continued to accompany me to help at the show even more since her passing. So this year it there was that added reminder how things change.
By the end of the 4 days and discussion with my sister, evaluations I decided I don't have to do this. I don't think it really dawned on me before and I have done this show for 18 years. Seen the glory day of unbelievable sales and those lean years as well. Built friendships with others and it is great to see them each year too. Like a little extended family.
So, so far I have not done art since. My sister and I closed on our childhood home and moms house last week despite some complications that hit us emotionally.
I continue to try to organize,studio still needs put back in order to work, and run with my kids.We just joined cub and bly scouts and halfway through the fall soccer season.
I assume creativity will so itself again. I miss it yet can't bring my self to pick up a pen yet.

so until this passes here are a few photos.


Colton,with some pre-teen attitude

Taylor in front of my booth helpin'

Learning about popcorn sales
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