Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Pittsburgh Children's Museum ranked in top 10 by Parents Magezine

chalk art used with permission by Taylor Walker

I live north of the city of Pittsburgh but a Pittsburgher just the same.I love going into town for events and attractions. Some of my friends won't even consider driving to "town". You wanna go...I'm there. I was delighted to see once again an attraction from Pittsburgh made it in the top ten by Parent magazine for best children's museums in the country. The Children's Museum of Pittsburgh was given a great review. itoo would agree.I have had my 4 kids there on a number of occasions. Some of our favorite things to do: screen printing,painting at the easel and paper making. The kids love that they get to make a mess and I love it because i don't have to clean up after the mess! With this said, I don't recommend wearing there cute little outfits you don't want messed will you back from letting them enjoy all the experiences the museum has to offer.I would say this is probably the case for any of the other museums across the country as well. Children's museaums are a great way to spend one of those winter days too!

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