Monday, February 14, 2011

Passing time tangle doodling in ink and color

Heart Tangle doodle in Color by Susan Walker
all rights reserved

One of the things i have been doing to pass  the time here at the hopital with my son Zach is tangle doodling.  I enjoyed creating my Curly Chicken  for Illustration Friday the other week that I though I would try another bird.

With many beautiful tangle doodles and Zentangles(R) out there with color addition I tryed my hand at that too. Though I was happy with the ink work , adding prisma colored pencils I was affraid i would 'mess it up" with my color choices. I don't think it is to bad. I am not use to commiting to color like that. something I will push myself to do again.Just one of those comfort zones.
again this is taken at the hhopital on the windosill. Paper is white....

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