Thursday, November 17, 2011

A Beak at ONE of the things I have been Up To

I have always loved type. I love the feel of a book in my hand. The smell of ink in a magazine.
My local library always has books they are donating out. I have picked up a few along the way.

Be Strong Birdie
 5x5 original mixed media on canvas by Susan Walker
all rights reserved
This painting is SOLD
it also is $35.00

Here you can see how  used a page as the base paper of my bird. I love the fun of painting the background and adding the images cut from type pages and some inspirational quotes. With these projects I have tried to push myself each time more. Combine things I have always loved and hope to come up with something all my own. In the mean time I try to keep the self talk out of the shop and play, play, play. 
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