Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Sketchbook Calender Easy to Make and Use

Calender journal by Susan Walker
all rights reserved.

I seem to work in small bites best. I have such high desires to create so often but raising a family comes first, second and third. But being creative is just part of who I am , what I need to do. i was inpired by the latestes Somerset Studio Magazine. This little monthly journal page has been quite fun and fulfilling in several ways. I am drawing and or writing a few of the key happenings of the day. Many not so exciting but our day just the same. I have a place to express in lines and colors, paste ephemeral down...Or not any of those and just make a few notes. so far I have been pleased. My blocks are not so big that they are hard to fill (high expectation to live up to) and yet just enough room for some fun.

I created the back ground page first. I wanted to be able to see the entire month out in front of me. I threw down some color, spritzed with water and added more color. as you see I went with a Christmas red, green and gold highlights as my scheme. A heat gun comes in handy to speed up drying. If you don't have one handy a hairdryer works just the same.

I lay on the  acrylics and spray with water a bit and put more on as each layer dries to my liking..

I used several kinds of papers to add variety. A used crossword puzzle book, novel pages and a few pages from my an old field journal of my husbands. And for a little sparkle:Smooches Spritz.

To soften the type and allow the writing I will do later to show better I swiped over areas with gesso.
i stamped "December" and was ready to go. At least with this project. So many to go this month!
How about started one for the count down to Christmas like the last week or so.
And of course one for the new year.  I'll post some pages as I go so stop back again sometime.or check out my sketchbook pages.

Feb. update: go to:Chillin Calendar Journal for January 2010 to see another sample if you like.
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